29 5iver Memory Countdown

[copied over from my  blog at; TeamTimes / ESC]

Overly long blog short:

I’m counting down to 5th December 2013. I am going to see 5ive. I did write a very overly long blog about the whys, wheres, whens and hows this came about but there was far too much I couldn’t type so instead once a week for the next 29 weeks I am going to write a random memory I have that has some connection to 5ive or being a 5iver.

29 WEEKs  to go
I’m not sure why but the first HAPPY memory as a 5iver that came to my mind when opening the ‘write new blog’ tab was:

  •     When the Lights Go Out release day 1998. I didn’t like the fact I would have to wait days to get the single. I came home from school that day, to my excitement my mum had been to town and bought me the CD (CD2 with poster). I was so over the moon, I picked it up, shouted “THANK YOU MUM, you’re the best”, grabbed my bike, and shot around to my best friends house to listen. I wish I could remember our exact words, I seem to have the feeling of classicness and pure genius and a feeling of joy. I’m not sure I fully appreciated the meaning of the lyrics back then.  Fifteen years on, WtLGO is still my favourite dance routine. Though I learnt it mirrored. It was one of the ones I liked to randomly do in public – like at the top of the Guildhall stairs in Portsmouth. Yes, I did dance randomly at the top of stairs and on trains a lot…… I think this needs to repeat itself.

5ivers I need your memories :) Tweet me to your blogs; @_flyingmammal.



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