28 5iver Memory Countdown – CDs

28 WEEKs  to go

zI’ve had my 5ive CDs in the order I purchased them. I decided to put them out to take a photo for this typings. [yes, i have tapes etc etc but just wanted these for now.] Without thinking about it I put them in rows of five. It seemed to be aperfect amount, none left over. Yeah right, somehow one had slipped off. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That’s the first time EVER they haven’t been in the order I bought them. Of course I knew exactly where it went. Which lead to me changing what I wanted to write for this weeks memory.


  •   1999, ‘If Ya Gettin’  Down’  was released the week we were due to go to visit my sister for a month in America. I ended up buying the single (both cds) in the airport. I’m not sure why but I only had these cds with me.  I listened to them on my cd-walkman for almost 3 weeks – non stop. Until.. My sister got annoyed with it. Lucky for me, because of that once we got to a music shop my mum bought me the ’5ive’ album, USA version. Which yes, I listened to for the next week.

5ivers I need your memories :) Link me your blogs.



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