27 5iver Memory Countdown – Promo poster

27 weeks to go
I remember thinking ‘We Will Rock You’ could be their last single. No idea why I thought this.

  •    There was a small music shop that appeared in town. I decided to ask if I could have the ‘We Will Rock You’ single poster that was in the shop window. I’d asked HMV and Virgin Megastore a lot of times in previous years about having window posters. I was told they didn’t let people have them. So, this time I was pleased when the small shop [who’s name I can’t remember] said ‘Sure, you just need to come on Monday morning before we open.’ I have no idea why this was. I took it on board and heading into town wearing my Five official fan club t-shirt extremely early the next Monday morning. I got there to a closed shopping center a bit nervous and generally poorly. I patiently waited hoping they hadn’t forgotten. Then the worse thing that could get in the way of me and that poster happened: ANOTHER person turned up, two teenage girls. I waited a minute and remembered the back entrance to the center. I went to try it and they followed me. The back entrance was open. I walked up to the shop and the bloke I’d asked the previous week came straight out. He said “Oh yes, you wanted the Five poster.” The two girls came up as he said this saying “But you said I could have it!” He told them I was here first and not to worry he would give them another one later. It was almost like he knew them….?


5ivers I need your memories :) Link me your blogs.



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