26 5iver Memory Countdown – Abz lookalike tweets Vicky

26 weeks to go

You may have read my MCM Expo / Cosplay Continued blog. If you have, thank you lots. It wasn’t the best written but it makes sense to me. I did forget to include the steward t-shirt and the fun with the corner of grass. I guess we just have to wait for Tonyo’s video footage of that one.
Back to things that mean something to 5ivers who are the most likely to read this typings.
For one of the afternoons of that weekend I dressed as Abz [5ive]. Beard stubble, booby binding, tattoos made on latex and rainbow unicorn hat. I did put his neck tattoo on the wrong side of neck, lost the earring while walking and forgot his mole. My body really was being a pain and I was panicing that I was late to meet my friends. Oh and getting the hotel sink COVERED thick in black paint. That’s my excuse especially as I even had a detailed check list…  The coolest comment was walking from the hotel to event a 40-year-old couple walked past me and the lady said “aa aabz?”, I turned, smiled and we carried on walking opposite ways. Such a buzz.

Now for the memory part. This is my newest memory so far.

  • I’m not sure what I was thinking, maybe I wasn’t thinking at all. But I obviously thought it a brainiac idea to log into Twitter, and tweet a photo of me as Abz at MCM Expo to his lady..  I do believe I thought she would find it amusing as she’d just tweet she was on a train to Glasgow so she may be suffering for boredom….. I took a sip of tea, looked back at the screen and ‘ping’:abzalwayzvickyuncanny
    In that moment I gasped. Then it hit me that Abz’ rather lush looking lady, the one that knows him the best in this world (I’m assuming) actually saw me dress as her man. The weirdness of that sank in and then I laughed. It’s fun, funny and rather creepy. It’s one thing dressing as characters, but this dude is a real person. Haha. No wonder Abs (yes s) thought I was odd wearing his type of clothes to performances. Vicky was nice about it so it’s all good.
    Someone did make a comment that I didn’t quite understand. I think they thought I’d photoshopped his head onto a body. Which is actually a big compliment.
    Thank you millions to Vicky. It was a nice feeling and will keep me smiling for a long while. Thank you to the 7 twitters who favourited and retweeted my photo :) It’s MUCH appreciated.
    And while I’m at it; Thank you for the 6 people who have liked it on the Five facebook group, loads of people who liked it on my facebook and a certain person who fangirled on CosplayIsland and to Exceptional and Matt for help with my video project. shhhhhhhhhhhhh, secrets secrets. I must thank Shaun for not being fazed when I put on a beard that is better than his. ;P And yes, that just turned into an award ceremony.
  • It doesn’t stop there I’m afraid. I apologise to Abz big time. It’s just a bit of fun. In secondary school I was asked quite a lot if I was related to him. I never understood or saw the resemblance myself. But, hey, you can be anything with some binding, a bit of latex and make up.
    Last night my niece came over. I was mega excited about watching ‘All Star Mr and Mrs’. About an hour before it was on my niece  told me to wear the costume while watching. Oh, it’s so easy to amuse a 12-year-old especially when they are a mini-me. I couldn’t find my spirit gum so it almost didn’t happen. I decided to wear white shirt and tie as some preview images were posted online. I then found the spirit gum and was able to get him all on before the show. Not as good as I could have. I posted the above photo on Twitter and Vicky seemed to be favouriting everyone’s Mr and Mrs tweets. YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!
    My niece then made me walk her home dressed as Abz. I wish the people walking their dog were more interesting in stopping their dog running into the road rather that staring at me…………… *shrugs*I still think Shaun should dress as Vicky ;)   He’s having none of it.

5ivers I need your memories :) Link me your blogs.



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