25 5iver Memory Countdown – Banners

25 weeks to go

The weekend did not go to plan, health and technology fail. So instead, I spent the weekend making my banner for the 5ive Greatest Hits Tour. You can see it here; pic.twitter.com/J8wyfSokaj

The front reads; “5ive, Thank you for something so beautiful”.  From the heart but realised the words might have been because of Abz. He’s heard saying ‘potentially something beautiful’, ‘a beautiful thing’ and ‘beautiful’ a lot of times through the Big Reunion show on ITV and interviews, when speaking about the bands reunion.

The back reads; “Hello, Thank you #5ivers. I’m on a high-5ive ing mission.” Wanted to say Hi and Thanks to the fans around me int he crowds as, you know if it wasn’t for us all they wouldn’t have bothered with a tour etc. My mission is to high-5ive as many people during the tour as I can. Good point – I need to re-work out the countdown as… yeah.. I will annouce something soon.  Until then here’s a video that starts my mission; youtu.be/NYXPVBLeg5I

Couple of memories

  • My first (actually, my first one I paint We Love 5ive onto fabric to hang in my room hehe) banner that I took to any gigs and well… everywhere I went 5ive related from ’97 – ’00. Abz being half Turkish half Irish, I thought it was great making it look like both the countries flags.  My favourite thing that happened with this banner was Richard Blackwood (comedian who was presenting  held up my banner while recording a TV Show and saying about fans being creative and how acts appreciate the support, time and effort. He then shook my hand. I thought it was really nice of him.
  • I then remade the banner bigger. Same design. I also had a better printed ‘Abs Alwayz unofficial fan club’ logo on the back. It was too big to carry around so I only used this for the Bigmingham concert on the ‘Invicible’  tour at the end of 2000, and one stading outside SM:TV for Abs 2001. He sign this one. Thank you.img_1015

I kept them both in a plastic tub in the loft until two years ago when I got them out and they had gone mouldy. Couldn’t do much but throw them away. I tried to clean the corner where Abs signed, but it just ripped.

Roll on November :)



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