Camera Policy

Camera Policy – Ruth / ESC

I got a new compact camera recently and with me going to a lot of events later this year I’m a bit weary of camera rules.

To be more specific I received a few of my tickets for concerts a few days ago. Printed on the tickets in LARGE lettering; “For Camera Policy go to ____[website address]___”

All I could find on the websites were two lines in the general ‘terms and conditions’ saying “Cameras are normally permitted for personal use though professional cameras and video/audio equipment are strictly prohibited. Live video/audio recordings made without the permission of the artiste/promoter are prohibited.”

A standard piece of wording that actually doesn’t mean anything. I know compact camera will be fine, it’s classed as a pocket camera. However the wording of the ‘rule’ was not clear and  made me have more questions.

I guess there’s only so much they can write it’s hard to guard now, especially as most people  have camera on their phone. I know what I wanted it to say: ‘Yes, Ms Ruth you have permission from us to use your ___[camera name]__ at the concert _[band name] on __[date]___’ now that would put my mind at rest.

Ok, so really, I do know all it’s really saying is ‘you are fine to video and take photos unless the venue or act say otherwise.’ I’m just being a worry wart……..

Roll on November :)


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