5ive weeks to go – 5iver Memory Countdown

Yup, you read that right 😀  Forget the 25 weeks, it’s now only 5ive weeks to go – but how?

I didn’t write a countdown memory on Thursday because I have been at hospital a lot this week. Don’t panic, I’m a lot better than we thought. I also needed to change the numbering of the blogs and thought now was a good time to do it…………………

Thanks to my big brother I’m going to ‘the Big Summer Session’ in Swindon on 27th July. Acts include, 5ive, Peter Andre, Blue, 911, Attomic Kitten, Honeyz, B*Witched, Liberty X, I think I’m missing someone. Basically it’s ‘the Big Reunion’ tour plus Peter.

Obviously, I am only going because of 5ive, but I think it will be fun to see all those acts again after so many years. They all had at least 1 good pop track back in the 90s/00s so I’m sure I won’t be able to resist singing along.

I really think I am going to explode with excitement…

5ive weeks to go.

*bring on the blubbering* ay? biglittle sister ;)



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