4 5iver Memory Countdown – Abz Birthday

4 weeks to go??  *my head can’t quite make sense of this*

It’s 4 weeks until the ‘Big Summer Sessions’, Swindon. That means 4 weeks until I see 5ive for the first time since …
Last time I saw them on stage was the Invincible Tour 2000.

[30 minutes later]
Sorry having a tear. Someone just posted video clips from last night. 5ive performed at Newmarket Racecoarse. Honestly, Incredible!  I am not sure how to process the fact I am seeing them on stage again in less than a month. It’s a bit scary actually. Lots of old feelings creeping back and mixing up with new feelings.

Anyways…. Today is a certain Abz’ birthday.
#5ivers have been trending #HappyBdayAbz5ive – and some have made him video messages. Yes, I did one. My niece helped me with it a few weeks ago. If you look around the internet hard enough (clue; twitter) I’m sure you can find it.  [edit: here you go]

  • A few days before Abz birthday back in 2000 (I have it written on a calender as ’99, but I’m sure it was ’00) the lads were on ‘The Big Breakfast’. I rang up nervously, and the dude on the other end said it would be great to say Happy Birthday to Abz at the end of the show, and that he would ring back in half an hour. I thought this was a bit weird, but I waited with one eye on the TV and one ear listening for the phone…… The end credits came on TV but no ringing of the phone.  Well, that felt a bit rubbish. At least now with Twitter and social media, you can put a message out to anyone in thw world. Most of the world is more accessable. Though weather they see it or not is another matter.

I couldn’t resist having a ‘celebrating Abz’ Birthday and Hamilton being on Pole, #Silverstone2013′ Pudding at the Harvester. Even though I was about to puke everywhere before food. #BigKid



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