I’d say I’ve only really worn tour t-shirts or just random clothing to most of the gigs or concerts I’ve been to. I did have a pair of red UFO trousers which I wore to almost all of the tour in Summer 2002. [ninja-not-mentioning-names-there] I had them because a member of the band told me to get some. I loved them and I think they are still in a box in the loft.

~~~~ I can’t actually remember all the gig gear/gig wear I was going to talk about so I will skip that part. ~~~~

I will tell you about my adventure plans nearer the time. I’m trying not to jinx anything. 5ivers know if they look hard enough. I guess I’m not saying too much by telling you;

My special FlyingMammal ‘gig wear’ for Bournemouth arrived today. It arrived much quicker than it should have. Free postage from BlueBanana and 10% off. You will have to wait a while to see what it is. But it is thanks to Shaun’s little sister – we are going to be soooo cool. Though I am going to look younger than her which will be amusing. It fits my specifications perfectly; Bats, comfy, roasty toasty warm, and I will not blend in………

I think for all the non-Bournemouth gigs I will be wearing a pair of DMs, jeans, t-shirts and my Abz ‘Rainbow Unicorn’ cap – which is basically my Abz costume just without the beard. Unless something changes. My brother is trying hard to persude me to go as Abz (cosplay) to Swindon…. that’s not happening!!!  There’s a line man, there’s a line… Unless Mr Love would like it???? Then I could be tempted.

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