Whats this about?

I’ve been blogging on and off since my family first for the internet some 15 years ago. I’ve had many websites which I may talk about some where along the line.

Most recently I have been blogging over at TonyoTimes as part of TeamTimes (and more specifically; ESC [escape[). I typed over there for very near to 3 years and I loved it. After a lot of fun, laughs and projects the team is disbanding. We will always have the TeamTimes spirit, especially at the MCM Comic Con *cough* Expo. The Team will appear in other ways I am sure. Thank you to Tonyo, my time there was much apprecited and good luck to all members, see you soon. I’m going to add some of my blog from over of TeamTimes, so things may be out of date order for a while.

So, welcome to my little space on the web.

I will be logging my adventures and things I do to ESC  [escape] so when battling against my health I can look back on nicer times.

Welcome to my world.


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