3 5iver Memory Countdown – Keep On Movin’

3 Weeks until
[5ive at Swindon, Big Summer Sessions]

I started the day needing lots of deep breaths and the song ‘Keep on Moving”.. more like ‘Scream”. I then made a much-needed large batch of cheese on toast for the horde. I stealthy got into my sisters car at some point today. I inserted 5ive by Five cd into the player. She automatically started singing. We were half way through SLAM before she realised what I’d done. There we were singing our heads off to every lyric, music louder than it should have been and obviously we were dancing too. We got some strange looks from walkers when stopped at traffic lights. We were too cool. Especially in my Raybans. It was just like going back to when I was 12… and 25… ok, so things have never changed. Not really.

My mini-5iver now knows she is coming to see Five. It’s exciting. We sang our Happy Birthday Abz, video song to celebrate. Ohhhhh, my 5iver sister; Barbie tweeted our video. Mummy Abz only went and Retweeted it and all sorted. It’s REALLY appreciated.

This heat isn’t making it easy for my body. I’m determined to get to Swindon. And, well, I keep adding things to my adventure.

‘Keep on Movin” right???? Keep Smiling and Keep Fighting. That songs been a major part of my hospital life and life in general. It’s such an uplifting song for a lot of people. Love it!

  • I could write about all the moments the song has been my rock/guide. However, I think it would get too personal.. So, I have picked one of these moments that was very powerful to me. I think I would like to share it;2003 – MRI scanner, terrified, in and out of conciousness, my body grey and unable to move or even cry I was that far gone…. They’d put headphones on me to drown out the noises, and picked some music they thought I would like. I remember a few notes of Boyzone (really? that’s what they picked?) Apparently I blacked out again for a few minutes as it started. Then the next thing I remember I’d come too just as ‘Keep on Movin” started. … I laid there singing every word in my head, wishing I could scream, cry and tried to imagen being on stage with the lads dancing and singing away. No crowd though, just us dancing.. on my own private stage. The crowds would have made me nervous. I knew I had to fight! After those few minutes I was in and out of conciousness again.

On a  lighter note…I’ve just sent in my video clip for the Massive 5iver video project that the 5iverQueen (as I think we should call her) is putting together for us. She’s amazing. It just so happens that I used my Abz cosplay – Keep on Movin’ Subliminal message clip, plus a clip saying Thank you to the lads. The legend of Five has helped me through some rather dark times and have given me so many very happy times, my brain cannot register that even more times are coming.

Have you sent in your video??


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