Scott was incredible tonight. I have no idea how he coped with doing an #AskScott. #5ivers were totally amazing. Asking so many different questions. Some were a bit funny, some I’m not sure what people were asking. I for one couldn’t keep up with it all.  Thank you all for entertaining me and supporting the lads.

From Queen5iver I just found out it was “about 500-600 tweets and it was an hour and a half long”  Flippin’ heck,  I’m so proud to be part of something so nutty but so lovely. We all mega appreciate that Scott took time to do this. Proud of him and all 5ivers.

What did I ask?
#AskScott “Fans that cosplay/dress/lookalikey/tribute act as you and the lads; Fun or Freaky? ;)”
#AskScott “any allergies? hayfever?”
#AskScott “are you having a #5iveGreatestHitsTour Bus??”

Did any of them get answered?
Yes because Scott really picked some good ones to answer, and spread the love out between a lot of different 5ivers. We were all very happy bunnys. Here’s my question and how he answered;


Thank you SO much to Mr Scott who really does ROCK! There was so much going on.

What else did I learn?
I learnt from Sean’s Angel’s question that Scott thinks the fans are “loyal and mental lol” – he got that right!! hehe

I think that’s enough, if you want to find out the answers to;
‘Will Scott’s spikes make a reappearance at the GreatestHitsTour?’
‘Who does Scott think would win a fight between a dragon and a Tyranosaurus Rex?’
‘Has Scott ever forgotten lyrics while on stage?’

and even more crazy, fun, interesting and thought provoking questions; either search Twitter for #AskScott and/or @ScottlaRock5  – don’t forget to follow him if you haven’t already 🙂


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