Who is the sexiest from 5ive?

[5iver asked] Who is more sexy from 5ive?

This was asked in the main 5ive group on Facebook. Which by the way, rocks my socks.
Abz of course, currently has the most votes. 😉

You might assume I voted Abz… I didn’t. This question was a bit of fun, and you are always going to get fans talking about the acts this way. However, when I read this question I thought a bit deeper and what, in my mind the brand ‘5ive’ means.

Yes, they are good looking lads. You can all see and/or hear that. 😉  Just, First and foremost it’s the lads voices and really good music. When I first heard them each of their voices struck a whole other level in my ears. If I’m truly honest, I instantly feel in love with Abz voice, the rest followed. They were a bit different, edgy, I liked that, I NEEDED to hear more. From that day they embedded themselves in my heart.

‘5ive’ – It’s a lot more than the music. It’s the whole community. Yes it’s the love of the lads, their music, in some cases their looks… this second time around it’s their honesty, their overcoming of battles, the fans life battles, them taking a risk, the rockin’ at their shows, the spirit, the trying to get enough money to see their shows, dancing around in your bedroom thinking you were in the band, picking us all up when we are down, giving us hopes and dreams, 16 years worth of dedicated. It’s about the fans, 5ivers, everyone involved.. it’s about the whole package, the whole ‘5ive’ network….. the #5iverFamily 😀

To be honest, I just think  they shouldn’t feel any pressure to be a certain look or whatever… Respect I guess.

Maybe this trigger of deeper thinking wasn’t needed to answer a ‘bit-of-fun’ question. But, for whatever reasons, after thinking about it before answering, out of everyone I could picture in my mind to do with any part of ‘5ive’.. it lead me to type;  Vicky.

What does ‘5ive’ mean to you? Comment below 🙂


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