2 5iver Memory Countdown – Just admit it ;)

Just a short one today. I’m busy busy busy and only a few minutes to type. Will blog about it all tomorrow. Luckily I had some of it saved in a draft. But I just found out something else to add to it. It’s a bit of silly fun.

  • In 2011 – My Man, my sister, our friend and myself were in a car on way to see Rammstein.  We were singing, nattering and generally rockin’ the journey. We were saying about CD collections. I said about my collection being random. Somehow this lead onto;
    Our friend said he saw a board in my house that had 5ive 4eva or something written on it in marker. I explained it was the 90s boyband and that their logo was a 5 instead of an F. And that what was written was still true.
    Yes, this meant the rest of the journey was a ‘take the pee out of Ruth session’.

The mentioned board is still around. It’s currently blocking a hole in the chicken fence outside until I get some more orange fencing. Fiverule5eva

TODAY I found out something very amusing. Bare in mind that memory. I found out that this friend put ‘Keep on Movin’  on youtube and literally sang, not just a couple of words randomly but sang the WHOLE entire song!!! EVERY word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone needs to apologise and admit they ARE a fanboy in denial!

Don’t worry PERSON, you aren’t the only one. ALL the family have been singing random sentences to the tune of the songs, making out like they don’t know the lyrics and trying to act like it’s annoying having the songs in their heads. It’s not like they even stopped knowing the songs, Who they trying to kid 😉 <3<3<3<3


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