Did we have a sale for Diebetes in Florida?

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For Big Summer Session in Swindon next week. 5ive here I come….

Not so fast Ruthie Luc:

The last few weeks the UK has been the receiver of some rather immense heat. I’ve always been sensitive to the sun, though never really felt the heat. However, the more my medication I’m on the more sensitive I’ve become. This past week I have been a bit iffy especially during Martial Arts training. My concentration goes very easy and feeling dizzy more than I like to admit. I thought it was my heart rate…

On Saturday – the hottest day, my family had a table top sale in aid of a local Young Diabetics charity. The sun was dazzling, drowning, over baring. Even though I kept in the shade, with sunglasses on and we were only out for an hour. Oh my, I wasn’t too bad in the day, I even managed to stay out all day at works Open Day. It was to raise funds for Diabetes UK. I took part in some of the classes; wiser workout, Bokwa!, I had to get in on the Kid’s parachute games, even tried Ballroom dancing. They had a huge balloon race. People bought the tickets which were attached to the balloons. The tickets that travel the furthest win a prize. I was very happy and super proud of my 10 year old niece who was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 7 after doctors saved her life. She got to be the V.I.P for the day and let off all the balloons and do a little speech. It was rather emotional. The balloons themselves were such a pretty sight.
ballooonsIf you find one pleaseeeeeee send it back to the address on the ticket πŸ™‚

All the smells and feels of Florida (I miss you Disney)


WARNING! Ill talk because I’m feeling sorry for myself πŸ˜‰ Actually, It’s a bit serious.. so maybe if I write it out loud it will make me stop being stubbed and check in with the nurses?

Sunday I didn’t do much and felt extremely tired. I thought it was just the lack of sleep.
Monday was not nice. I felt nauseous, could hardly breathe, my nose throat hurt and just about everywhere ached. I sat on the sofa most of the day. Except hunting through all the yukky over grown plants all the way down the garden for Count – one of the ducks. All that pollen and I have no idea what going into my system – not good, but someone had to find him. Didn’t really eat until dinner, straight after I went up to have a wash (I have to a lot for my drains and stuff) I thought the water might make me feel better… nope, worse, I laid down and slept on and off for a few hours. I kept getting up for the loo even though I didn’t need to go, and I felt like I was dreaming but was awake. Really wasn’t with it at all. I then laid on my kitchen floor for an hour. The floor is freezing. I went up to bed and slept for hours but kept getting up, not really knowing where I was.
I felt a lot better yesterday morning. I sat in my friends house which was nice and cool. By the time we had to work I felt a bit better. I had far too much suncream on and looked like a shiny zombie or sparkley (GRR) vampire. Factor 50+ is NOT much use.. I felt a bit dizzy at work and very sweaty – like fever sweaty. I just wanted to puke. I was driven home and the cool car fans seemed to perk me up a bit. I rested in a cool, darkish room and by Martial Arts training I felt a heck of a lot better. I could move without wanting to be sick. I wasn’t totally with it, and I believe during line work I blacked out for a second. I remember a minute before then I remember getting up from the floor. It’s not right is it…..?
I had a decent sleep last night though. Rare.Β  This morning I’m still a bit iffy. My nose is now streaming with thick yummy yellow snot. I’m a lot more with it today, only snotting and coughing. No idea if it’s heat exhaustion or something. Or what.. no idea, and I’m not sure I want to know. Just another hurdle. Super worried about next weekend now….

Was mega odd.


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