1 5iver Memory Countdown – Last time I saw

1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have mentioned a bit about how long ago I saw the lads. I also know I said I was making this a new era and what happened on tour stayed on tour.. But…… As it’s getting super close to Swindon. I know I’m getting overly nervous (until I spoke to EJ at midnight last night while I was totally freaking out saying I wasn’t going to go. I feel a bit calmer about it today) but overly excited. I’m nervous because I really don’t know how I will react medically and mentally and from drama lamas first time around. I’m excited because…. that’s obvious. xD  I will either be very hyper and all over the place OR stand dead still, speechless in complete ore. Mixture of both I reckon.

I keep thinking about the last times I saw the lads, and how much has happened in my life since and then how my life has totally gone full circle. Feel lucky. VERY lucky.


  • I last saw the lads on stage;  12th December 2000. Invincible Tour.

My parents drove me to N.E.C Birmingham and waited with me until Sazzles got there. Sadly, some idiots from school saw me waiting and for the next month decided to take the mick out of me for ‘going to a concert with my parents’. It wasn’t nice at the time but it did make me laugh. While I waited for my best friend in the world I went over and raided the merchendise stall. I wore my ‘Abs Alwayz unofficial fan club t-shirt’ and the dude on the stall gave me money off. No idea if he was ment to but he said he was an Abz fan…. That was quite funny. I got a scarf, t-shirt, badges, programme and poster. Good use of birthday money I think. Sazzles arrived and we headed in, avoided the guards and went straight to our seats. The girls behind us took a photo for us. They and the girls next to us kept asking me about my Abs fan club and complimenting me on my banner. I really felt the nice side of the fan base that day.
It was such a funky Five show. Brilliant. Especially Abz talking when the others were changing. I just remember (maybe because of my photos) he had a towel on his head for ages while he nattered away. I was chuffed they did ‘My Song’.
I believe the set list (if what I have written in my book is correct);
~ Shake
~ Everybody Get Up
~ Slam Dunk (da Funk)
~ Serious
~ If Ya Gettin’ Down
~ Keep on Moving
~ Got the Feelin’
~ Invincible
~ Until the Time is Through
~ Two Sides to Every Story
~ Don’t Wanna Let You Go
~ Battlestar
~ When the Lights Go Out
~ It’s the Things You Do
~ My Song
~ We Will Rock You

Hang on, it’s on the Five Live VHS….  Ok, that mentions them all except ITTYD. *shrugs*
They had motor bikes, dancers, millions of lights, and jackets that looked like bees. We rocked, we sang, we cheered, we danced and most importantly came away grinning. A few of my Five friends were there, somewhere, I never did find out where. They saw my banner and took photos from afar. You couldn’t tell that’s what it was a photo of it was so small on a ‘One-use camera’. Bless Amy though she was too sweet. She was part of our Five Fan Power team. Maybe I’ll do a blog about that soon. It was so nice sharing that day with Sazzle’s, very emotional and I’m super amazingly glad I get to go with her this time around. That one will be the most sentimental I think. Bring on November. *grins*

  • I last saw any of the lads; 18th August 2002.  A very random meeting of Abz.

Me and a friend had been following an up-and-coming act around the UK for the last 4 months. That day we were due to see them again, in London. My friend was very adiment that we went. I wasn’t too fused as I felt very ill (We now know I was almost dead) I thought nothing of her being excited and travelled down with her. I basically followed her feeling lost which was the way we rolled and guess I was used to it. We walked by a river behind some buildings that looked like backs of an industrial factory or something. I remember it being quite hot but pleasant and the river looked really nice with lots of grassy patches and trees running along. People sat quietly reading their books.  Anyways, we went around a corner to find some bar fences with a bunch of girls hanging about.
My friend says like she didn’t know “I wonder what’s going on here? Oh look there’s Rose.” (Someone we saw everywhere)
CDUKAbsSo we hung for a little bit. I found a good spot where no one else was stood and I was hidden slightly by some leaves… 15 minutes later….. I looked up.. and… WHAT the heck, ABZ(!) was coming straight towards me. I literally said “A.A.A.A.A.A.A ABZ??” I was very confused, overhelmed, excited and in shock all in that second. I froze.
He said “Hi” and smiled.
Then LOADS of girls ran over screaming like a horde of banshees out of no where. He signed a couple of autographs for them as they shoved pens and paper in his hands, he quickly walked away. I snapped out of shock as the girls started to crush me. Thank goodness they moved as soon as he did.  Still starring at him walking away I said to my friend “damn, you could have told me we were coming to see Abz!!” I must have said it louder than I thought, because he turned around, laughed and waved.

Stupidly, I should have guessed this was where we were heading as I’d mentioned that week about missing Abz on CD:UK because we would be at gig. DOH. I was a bit slow I think. It was a random moment and because of the annoying type of fan-girls that I never understood, it was brief but one of my most treasured moments EVER. This is the only photo I managed to take while being crushed. My friend took some but as I’m not friends with them now I didn’t think I should use them.  I am extremely glad I had that moment, especially as it would have been my last. I’m sorry for the word on the fence, I couldn’t have planned that,  could I?  haha.  ❤

7 sleeps to go – Excuse me while I freak!


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