Twitter – replacement for 5iver chatroom

If you are a #5iver [fan of 90s boyband 5ive] Twitter IS the place to be.

Follow; @massive5iver @official5ive @abzlove @seanconlonmusic @ragztorichez @scottlarock5

Then follow just about anyone that follows them.

Honestly this is the place to be, we got everything. We have some very random tweetfests. IT does however,  come with a WARNING: you WILL get addicted and you WILL crack a few ribs along the way. Prepare to smile, laugh and laugh until you cry. And get all the fact, figures and gossips.

Back in the day we had the 5ive chatroom. Yeah, that was the in place to be… though it was very annoying at times. Oh, I could tell some stories. Maybe just one for now; someone gave out my number saying it was Abs’. This overseas number kept ringing my number, but no one would say anything. It freaked me out and I threatened to call the police. After a week it turned out that they wanted to speak to Abs, obviously I said I have no idea where they got my number and that it wasn’t his phone so please stop calling. They kept calling and saying “Abs, speak to Abs.” I ended up changing my number. Was rather odd. Until I saw people putting up a few numbers, one of which was mine. Felt sorry for who ever it was that rang my number…

We are a crazy bunch now and much more hardcore. I swear, it’s so damn beautiful this (technically third..) time around. I love it and am truely thankful for being part of it.

Don’t forget to send in your videos and photos for the #massive5ivervideo


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