Cosplay Continued..

A quick update on cosplay progress or things related to my cosplay.

ABZ (5ive)
The Abz antics in Swindon last week was the first thing I’ve done cosplay-wise since May Expo. Oh I did buy some new fabric for Taran’s (the Black Cauldron) tunic.

I spent the week before Swindon making the latex tattoos again and the beard. It seemed to go down well, at least there was no negative comments. Unless people kept it to themselves. It did seem to make a good impression on the 5ivers, Abz, Vicky and Scott. Thank you so much to them all. To read Abz’ reaction and what it ment to me click HERE for blog.

Aside from that, I am heading up to York for PopFest in 2 weeks. I will be going as Abz again as I think now I am over the shock of him seeing it I can now have some fun with it. Though I’m currently very panicy and not even sure I’m getting there. 5ivers have been amazing trying to help me but if I’m like this then I’m going no where. I’m determind but guess I have to be sensible?…. For it I have a new Abz outfit – I’m hoping he won’t copy it 😉
Recognise it? haha.
Me and Exceptional have a funny idea for when she’s better.

I’ve been working on new methods to do Abz’ tattoos. I think I’ve found a way I like simpley using tattoo pen, baby powder and spray plaster (bandage). It’s good, but not sure I can draw the fancy lettering every time.. Then again I’m not going to use him very often. I drew ST*R KID tattoos and they stayed on for over 24hours. I think we found a winner.

Other than that, today my sister was over and we worked out butts off to complete her costume for a fancydress party next weekend. I can’t say who she is being yet, but I will post photos of the work after the event. I also made some putty and latex warts……………….


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