Other Fandoms

Got a little mention today, a nice chin wag with my friend Matt today. Conversation went a little something like:

Abz… Abz. Abz. KingdonHearts. Abz. 5ive. Vicky. Vicky. Abz Abz. Matt talked for a while. Disney. Abz. video making. Abz. Kingdom Hearts. video making. Vicky Matt spoke. Vicky. video making. Gloom the game. More games. ScottlaRock……………. Well, he hadn’t heard about Swindon yet!!!!!! 😉

Then some old women barged past me on the bus on the way home. I was totally zoned out by then and struggling. Now I am feeling sorry for myself as my Doughnut is swallon….. again, becasue she moaned that the bus driver stopped too far down the road as she’d be queuing in a different place. IT DIDN’T MATTER YOU STILL GOT ON THE BUS!!!

At least I managed to pick up my meds and post a TOP SECRET letter to someone 😉 And we found there’s a new BoardGame Cafe in town. We will be visiting that asap and give a review.

4 sleeps / 3 sleeps – everything aches.



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