This week I have been mainly…

..sleeping. wearing Rainbow #UnicornHat . watching a clip of Celebrity Big Brother. tweeting about what I saw. sleeping. watching a clip. sleeping. watching the main show. watching clips. tweeting. watching Bit of the Side. Trying to watch the LiveStream… sleeping………..


Can’t wait for him to get out and see all the support he’s been getting. We love the Abz!

Scott was ace face and sooo funny on the Sunday show. Nice one! “Who wants the caaake..” *falls over* Poor Lauren though, bless her, she’s doing well in there. I think she might benefit the most from being around people.

As the days go on I am actually sure Abz has turned into me. He’s ‘quoted’ me twice, wearing MY hat, saving the creatures, watering the plants my way, face painting – what’s next? The guy might as well cosplay me 😉


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