You have until tomorrows evication show to phone the numbers below and place your VOTES for Abz. Your vote will make the difference between him staying in the Celebrity Big Brother house and coming out far too early.


AbzHQ asked us to spread the Love and change our profile photo to #TeamAbz #CelebrityBigBrother while Abz is up for evication. A lot of us already had our ‘with Abz’ photos from York so we all matched anyway. But this Love has now spread like wild fire. It’s immense!!!!!! #ArmyofLove is growing It does mean our feeds like a little like this:

So, to mix things up a bit and stop my head hurting because I couldn’t tell who was twitting what, I added the #unicornhat onto it. Then Vicky made me grin like a chesshire cat and tweeted me about it today. Nice one V. I decided the #unicornhat should be #ArmyofLove ‘s uniform.

I am loving the Aunty Wendy being in on the action. Abzolutely Love seeing her tweeting and getting involved. What a star 🙂 Also loving the intereactions from AbzHQ 🙂

BigBrothers bit on the side asked the people of twitter to give questions to ask the evictees, so guess what I posted…………….. Ask Abz: “PAPA WHERE’S THE CHICKEN?” … Sadly, it didn’t get asked. Boooooooooo, I don’t know why 😉



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