Big Reunion Xmas Party – Nottingham

Zoe had a spare ticket for the show….

I got there far to early even after delays and random stuff happening.  I just want to point out I was wearing my Abz onesie my ladies bought me for my birthday. My hotel room was ready early – perfect. So I dumped my stuff laid down to have a rest while I charged my phone. That didn’t last long. I then cheated my walking satnav, turned out the venue was right next to hotel. Where was the satnav taking me???!!!

As I scouted the venue I saw a face I recognised… It was a lady we’d met in Brighton my first dates of the 5ive tour. WOW That was so cool I thought she’d gone back to Germany. Chatted for a good 3 hours to her, a new friend called Louise and some more faces I’d met back in Yates, Nottingham – Shout out to JedWendy and her peoples. Kept me laughing – bleep test! Mr T then bought us all tea! what a fella!

The bus rocked up just as my crew turned up. Except Leanne, she was late!!!! Sean came and said hey to peoples through the silver fence with the tiny circles in it. Very weird. Scott said I should have a Five onesie not an Abz one, and Abz: we did not like the fences, there was some cards, some confusion and some shock. As alwayz he came over a lot of times to give everyone  a piece of the Abz/Five pie ❤   ❤  Jimmy came over, Louise loved that!!! 😀 Keavy from B*Witched came out the gates, YAY she was sweet. Nattered about her Raindeer jumper. Once Leanne got there we went for Subwayyyyyyy, yes, tour food!!

Once we found our way into the event, lost Sian and re-finding Leanne and sister in the loos. Ohh and bumping into Louise on the way. Me and Zoe found our seats.. it was not obvious where they were! We settled in, we could see Sian at the front rockin’ her banner. We all took our matching banners that Leanne made us pre-5ive tour. We couldn’t see Leanne and sister, booo.

The show…. Lets just say, it was no 5ive tour!! The lads opened the show and were  spot on! The others, B*Witched, 911 (that Spike got some mooooves), Honeyz, Liberty X, the crowd disappointed me until Attomic Kitten came one. Each act performed four songs, Five sang:  We Will Rock You, Everybody Get Up, If Ya Gettin’ Down and Keep on Movin’. There was a small break where Sian came to say hey. Flippin heck, Paul Domaine only went and walked past, he looked at me so I did a thumbs up  (the 13 year old wannabe backing dancer in me was all ‘omgomogmgomgomgomgogmogmgomgomg’) he winked and did a thumbs up to me. I casually smiled. Second half each act sang a Christmas themed song. That was really cool. I loved it. I found myself sitting down a lot… Five sang, Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade).

All the acts came on at the end of the show, we knew they would do this and I am super chuffed to have seen it live; they all performed the Text Santa single! Incredible all of them. 911 sang Blue’s lines – nice one. Especially super duper excited to have heard; #AbzRap SO SO PROUD!!!  I teared up. And let’s all be honest: Kevin’s finishing lines – couldn’t be anyone else.

Text ‘SANTA’ to 70070 :)))

We all legged it out after AbzRap, round the back. Saw Abz leave. Proud. Lee (911) came over, started talking to Sian and me about the show, I didn’t realise till after I was a bit rude simply asking ‘Where’s Spike?’ haha, Sorry but…. found Spike and we had a cheeky chat with him about me being the ‘Abz lookalike’/PopFest. HAHAHA! Pushed TeamRichRocks into the mass of people, and they sort of saw him. YAY!

the Ladies made sure I got to the hotel, and then came the very sad see you soons…….


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