#AskScott – 50k followers

A week or so ago Scott (5ive) said when he reached 50k followers over on his twitter; @scottlarock5 he would do another #AskScott. Anyone could ask him a question and he would try to answer as many as possible. He quickly reached that marker…. Infact just before this session started he was on 50,303 followers. Nice one ScottLaRock… 5.

Tonight he stayed on for an hour between 8 and 9pm. This was so everyone could then go and watch the final episode of ‘the Big Reunion – on tour.’ This three episode series has been given various names, but it’s what happened on the tour.

I did ponder over some meaningful questions. Instead, I settled on a ‘lets make him think a bit’ and ‘this could be some psychology testing’…:

Me: #AskScott Hey Scott La Rock… 5. Name 5 things that are Green????
Scott: Grass, Kermit the fog, Apples, Grapes, leaves on trees

Ok, there’s no suprises in his answer. It’s probably 5 things that most people would say. 4 of the things can also be different colours… So… I wonder what that means.  I reckon; He’s a colourful person!

A lot of the questions being asked were surrounding; the possiblity of new songs, being on stage, and the up and coming  tours. There was a ton of famous names being mentioned Ironman, Kurt Cobain, Bono, Georgie Swan, Jack Wilshere, Ed Sheeran, Queen,  There was also a few personal and deep questions thrown in. There was even talk of the idea of the lads wearing Kiltz to the Glasgow show…. a reply of ‘Ehhh No’ says it all. It was a mixture of questions and Scott did well answering so many.

If you are heading to the Cardiff show in November, keep your voices well as you will need them to sing a Happy Birthday to Scott.

To find out why the above were mentioned in answers (it was ALL good reasons) and what the answers to; “what would you do if you were in a club and a 5ive song comes on?” and “How would you describe Ritchie in 5 words?” are, go follow @ScottLaRock5 over on Twitter. You may even find out what scent he wears.

Thank you Scott, we appreciate it, especially as you aren’t feeling too well at the minute. You have also gained several followers. As of 9pm the tally is 50,308. Fab!


Ringing Hospital…

A stern talk from my friend, Shaun saying  “the longer you leave it, the scarier it gets” and actually Abz saying “you gotta take care of yourself” is still ringing in my ears ….

I made the phone call.

2 days later, turns out I had an old number. Some solution orientation later (Sensei would be proud) I got the new number and was straight through to my surgeons receptionist. Who yup, knew who I was and was as caring and efficient as ever.

So, sooner than I think things will be a go go.

Screw it… BRING IT ON!



You have until tomorrows evication show to phone the numbers below and place your VOTES for Abz. Your vote will make the difference between him staying in the Celebrity Big Brother house and coming out far too early.


AbzHQ asked us to spread the Love and change our profile photo to #TeamAbz #CelebrityBigBrother while Abz is up for evication. A lot of us already had our ‘with Abz’ photos from York so we all matched anyway. But this Love has now spread like wild fire. It’s immense!!!!!! #ArmyofLove is growing It does mean our feeds like a little like this:

So, to mix things up a bit and stop my head hurting because I couldn’t tell who was twitting what, I added the #unicornhat onto it. Then Vicky made me grin like a chesshire cat and tweeted me about it today. Nice one V. I decided the #unicornhat should be #ArmyofLove ‘s uniform.

I am loving the Aunty Wendy being in on the action. Abzolutely Love seeing her tweeting and getting involved. What a star 🙂 Also loving the intereactions from AbzHQ 🙂

BigBrothers bit on the side asked the people of twitter to give questions to ask the evictees, so guess what I posted…………….. Ask Abz: “PAPA WHERE’S THE CHICKEN?” … Sadly, it didn’t get asked. Boooooooooo, I don’t know why 😉


This week I have been mainly…

..sleeping. wearing Rainbow #UnicornHat . watching a clip of Celebrity Big Brother. tweeting about what I saw. sleeping. watching a clip. sleeping. watching the main show. watching clips. tweeting. watching Bit of the Side. Trying to watch the LiveStream… sleeping………..


Can’t wait for him to get out and see all the support he’s been getting. We love the Abz!

Scott was ace face and sooo funny on the Sunday show. Nice one! “Who wants the caaake..” *falls over* Poor Lauren though, bless her, she’s doing well in there. I think she might benefit the most from being around people.

As the days go on I am actually sure Abz has turned into me. He’s ‘quoted’ me twice, wearing MY hat, saving the creatures, watering the plants my way, face painting – what’s next? The guy might as well cosplay me 😉

determination is not enough?

I was meant to be at Sora’s birthday meet up in London today, followed by a #5iver meet at Tara’s – heading to her and Scott’s (5ive) local pub.

I’ve missed the last 3 years of his birthdays so I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way… However…..I think it’s fair to say,  my body wins this round.

Sorry to Sora and Tara.  Will make it up to you….
#5ivers need to chill.. Things getting a bit tense about that 25second Big Reunion clip. It’s all going to be ok just try to:

in #CBB

Feel the love people, feel the love!

*wears #unicornhat*