This week I have been mainly…

..sleeping. wearing Rainbow #UnicornHat . watching a clip of Celebrity Big Brother. tweeting about what I saw. sleeping. watching a clip. sleeping. watching the main show. watching clips. tweeting. watching Bit of the Side. Trying to watch the LiveStream… sleeping………..


Can’t wait for him to get out and see all the support he’s been getting. We love the Abz!

Scott was ace face and sooo funny on the Sunday show. Nice one! “Who wants the caaake..” *falls over* Poor Lauren though, bless her, she’s doing well in there. I think she might benefit the most from being around people.

As the days go on I am actually sure Abz has turned into me. He’s ‘quoted’ me twice, wearing MY hat, saving the creatures, watering the plants my way, face painting – what’s next? The guy might as well cosplay me 😉


determination is not enough?

I was meant to be at Sora’s birthday meet up in London today, followed by a #5iver meet at Tara’s – heading to her and Scott’s (5ive) local pub.

I’ve missed the last 3 years of his birthdays so I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way… However…..I think it’s fair to say,  my body wins this round.

Sorry to Sora and Tara.  Will make it up to you….
#5ivers need to chill.. Things getting a bit tense about that 25second Big Reunion clip. It’s all going to be ok just try to:

in #CBB

Feel the love people, feel the love!

*wears #unicornhat*


WE CAME FOR YOU ABZ – Celebrity Big Brother

We all sussed it ages ago and so we decided to risk it for a biscuit and attempt to go get tickets to Celeb Big Brother Entrance night…..

 Abz will WIN!!! #TeamAbz!

Thank you to my man for supporting me. I love you.

Myself, Sian and Laura went through 60 hours of emotional rollercoaster. From the wait to see if we got tickets, to the aghhh the travel is a nightmare, to we HAVE to do this….. We found a way! We got there! The three of us, together again. We got there. We were fucking there!

After 3 hours travelling a million percent out of my comfort zone, determined and on a mission, I had panic attack at Paddington, a crazy tube journey with some nice old ladies trying to help me, almost missed my connection because they didn’t put up a platform until the last-minute and I couldn’t run because my stomach was pulsating……. I arrived in Sian Land.

Food. Giggles. Tunes. Polish. Check in.

Not that I saw much of it but I was staying in the Newark Hotel and the chap on reception was nice even if he did assume I was going to come in drunk after midnight. He couldn’t have been further from the truth. The bathroom was bigger than the bedroom – I liked it, it was sweet, just enough room. Why so many fire doors? I got lost in there.

Laura arrived after her 3 hour driving and it was mission a go go. Sian was an amazing Chauffeur. Thank you for getting us there safely. On the road, having a sing song and converting Sian’s mate. We soon arrived at the Elstree film and TV studios.

We made it, we were in the queue…  Skipped over to get some food from the McDonalds. DO YOU WANT YOUR TOY? SMURF!  We were given a ticket with a number on in the queue. I was 205. About 7pm they told us anyone over 220 wouldn’t be getting in. So, we thought they were saying we all would. Everyone thought it. Turned out, 10 minutes later that more priority and VIPs turned up than there was total space. Which meant………. Us lucky lot……………….. got sent home.

Why exactly did they send us tickets if they knew there was more priority than there was space? We didn’t know priority exsisted??? Why didn’t they tell us we were on stand by from the start? Why did they make out like we were in?  I don’t understand.

The dude in front of us tried to ask his sources to get us in – that was overly nice of him. No luck. Some #5ivers were being ace face with their advice over twitter. Thank you #5ivers.

I have to be honest. I cried.

I couldn’t believe it. Beyond gutted and ready to collapse. I can’t tell you how much effort we put in to getting there and then BAM! We weren’t going to get in, any way. Would have loved to see his little face. The 3 of us had our Abz caps and banners.

I hope he was given an amazing send in!!!!!

We ran around to the front as Vicky tweeted she was on route. Thank you to her, I shouted her. She waved and blow US a kiss. She didn’t have to do that. We really appreciated it.

We tried getting into… what’s it called?; ‘Bit on the side’ show, but they weren’t having any of it. Oh Rylan did shout over the brushes when we were in the queue. The people waiting to go into that randomly starting singing ‘Keep on Movin’ so I started singing with them and shouted #TeamAbz baby!!

I can’t believe it. We tried absolutely everything in our powers. Except jumping fences or digging holes..

We were heartbroken to be quite honest. I then bawled my eyes out to Laura. Which was not cool and I am sorry. Because of rather pants emotions that I can’t go into, tiredness, guttedness, illness and shock, I couldn’t contemplate staying in hotel and the journey home. I sent a SOS to my sister, who drove 4 hours to pick me up. She IS amazing and I will never thank her enough for being there for me – ALWAYS! I checked out the hotel, the lady did ask her boss if I could get the money back but it’s in the Terms and Cons I couldn’t. I am so sorry to Sian and Laura for bailing, I couldn’t handle it. Those ladies put so much into the day and getting there. I can’t believe it. Well, I can believe it, but I can’t believe the way it was run. No logic at all. He better be smiling in there. He has to be smiling. Then we be happy.

Spent the night (well a few hours sleep) at my brothers then a family member drove me back to Oxford this morning. Took an hour or so. My family are crazy. I Love them so much.

Thank you to Sian and Laura. We were in it together and I flippin’ loved seeing you so soon. We tried, we really, really tried. Love you millions. Thank you for being in my life ladies. Truely, Thank you.

WE LOVE YOU ABZ! We did it for you man. Stay safe in there. I’m sorry, I hope we didn’t let you down… #TeamAbz

*exhaustion and tears*

Now I’m off to shave my hair in protest……………………




EDIT; Saturday 24th August – just got the ‘priority tickets’ that we got told we’d get as compensation. It’s for one of the evictions.  On them it says you have to be there 45 – 60 minutes before the show. There were people turning up with ‘priority’ less than half hour before….. Yeah… Ok.  I did bring myself to watch in the end and I’m super happy he saw Vicky before he went in. Thank goodness.




Other Fandoms

Got a little mention today, a nice chin wag with my friend Matt today. Conversation went a little something like:

Abz… Abz. Abz. KingdonHearts. Abz. 5ive. Vicky. Vicky. Abz Abz. Matt talked for a while. Disney. Abz. video making. Abz. Kingdom Hearts. video making. Vicky Matt spoke. Vicky. video making. Gloom the game. More games. ScottlaRock……………. Well, he hadn’t heard about Swindon yet!!!!!! 😉

Then some old women barged past me on the bus on the way home. I was totally zoned out by then and struggling. Now I am feeling sorry for myself as my Doughnut is swallon….. again, becasue she moaned that the bus driver stopped too far down the road as she’d be queuing in a different place. IT DIDN’T MATTER YOU STILL GOT ON THE BUS!!!

At least I managed to pick up my meds and post a TOP SECRET letter to someone 😉 And we found there’s a new BoardGame Cafe in town. We will be visiting that asap and give a review.

4 sleeps / 3 sleeps – everything aches.


Round 534

and this fight is on! Might get messy, but… It’s on!!!

Been iffy since the whole heat exhaustion…. which now I don’t believe was that. As for being punched in the stomach yeah that couldn’t have helped. So, yesterday – hospital for Infliximab. Which I have to say I got through because I was liBlog_robinstening to Vicky’s cover of ‘Read all about it’ for the whole hours. Ohh I was only sat in the MALE bay 😉 haha. I had to check I wasn’t in crossplay. Sadly after several tries the cannula was in my right hand, luckily it’s not bruised (first time EVER) so shouldn’t interfere with cosplay tattoos at the weekend. Inflix was the usual… and had a philosophical conversation with one of the cleaners. Then on the bus on the way home, very nice humans were trying to help me, with something that wasn’t really a problem. Too kind. Glad to have felt the nicer side of humanity right there. A nice sit and meditation in the Japanese garden before the bus home. I took lots of photos of the robin that’s been there the last 4 times. He sat with me for 20 minutes, jumping around me, up the tree, back down to sit with me. Did have some weird women laughing at me. Yeah thanks for that one, I’m just trying to gather my thoughts of what’s about to happen and you laugh at me – brilliant!

ABZ_NEWOUTFITLots of symptoms going on at the moment. Weight dropping like a lead balloon, food is coming out faster than I can eat it, hair falling out more than normal, energy rollercoaster….. But not missing the weekend for anything so body you just got to get on with it for 5ive more sleeps! (well 6 would be great)

I do have a lot of little projects to type about. My Mini-Alien-Sparks have been keeping me busy as it’s summer. I will try and post before the weekend or maybe I will do a ‘Summer recap’ in the next few weeks. Concentrations not great.

Anyways, My new Abz outfit all arrived. See photo. Today I packed – Sooooo, I’m off on a weekend adventure which will include; Noughies PopFest in York with my #5ivers who are currently my heroes. There’s people coming from everywhere, even Europe #hardcore5ivers. I can’t wait to see them smiling and seeing the lads ‘5ive’ on stage again. WOW! They have a busy weekend. 3 shows in 2 days. Thank you for doing it lads. We really appreciate it. I hope the other 2 shows go amazingly well. I hope we can cheer louder than ever once you get to us and give you positive vibes. You are going to ‘Rock the Party’ – Bring it on!!!!


Cosplay Continued..

A quick update on cosplay progress or things related to my cosplay.

ABZ (5ive)
The Abz antics in Swindon last week was the first thing I’ve done cosplay-wise since May Expo. Oh I did buy some new fabric for Taran’s (the Black Cauldron) tunic.

I spent the week before Swindon making the latex tattoos again and the beard. It seemed to go down well, at least there was no negative comments. Unless people kept it to themselves. It did seem to make a good impression on the 5ivers, Abz, Vicky and Scott. Thank you so much to them all. To read Abz’ reaction and what it ment to me click HERE for blog.

Aside from that, I am heading up to York for PopFest in 2 weeks. I will be going as Abz again as I think now I am over the shock of him seeing it I can now have some fun with it. Though I’m currently very panicy and not even sure I’m getting there. 5ivers have been amazing trying to help me but if I’m like this then I’m going no where. I’m determind but guess I have to be sensible?…. For it I have a new Abz outfit – I’m hoping he won’t copy it 😉
Recognise it? haha.
Me and Exceptional have a funny idea for when she’s better.

I’ve been working on new methods to do Abz’ tattoos. I think I’ve found a way I like simpley using tattoo pen, baby powder and spray plaster (bandage). It’s good, but not sure I can draw the fancy lettering every time.. Then again I’m not going to use him very often. I drew ST*R KID tattoos and they stayed on for over 24hours. I think we found a winner.

Other than that, today my sister was over and we worked out butts off to complete her costume for a fancydress party next weekend. I can’t say who she is being yet, but I will post photos of the work after the event. I also made some putty and latex warts……………….

Twitter – replacement for 5iver chatroom

If you are a #5iver [fan of 90s boyband 5ive] Twitter IS the place to be.

Follow; @massive5iver @official5ive @abzlove @seanconlonmusic @ragztorichez @scottlarock5

Then follow just about anyone that follows them.

Honestly this is the place to be, we got everything. We have some very random tweetfests. IT does however,  come with a WARNING: you WILL get addicted and you WILL crack a few ribs along the way. Prepare to smile, laugh and laugh until you cry. And get all the fact, figures and gossips.

Back in the day we had the 5ive chatroom. Yeah, that was the in place to be… though it was very annoying at times. Oh, I could tell some stories. Maybe just one for now; someone gave out my number saying it was Abs’. This overseas number kept ringing my number, but no one would say anything. It freaked me out and I threatened to call the police. After a week it turned out that they wanted to speak to Abs, obviously I said I have no idea where they got my number and that it wasn’t his phone so please stop calling. They kept calling and saying “Abs, speak to Abs.” I ended up changing my number. Was rather odd. Until I saw people putting up a few numbers, one of which was mine. Felt sorry for who ever it was that rang my number…

We are a crazy bunch now and much more hardcore. I swear, it’s so damn beautiful this (technically third..) time around. I love it and am truely thankful for being part of it.

Don’t forget to send in your videos and photos for the #massive5ivervideo