#AbzFest 2014

Anyone else still living in their #AbzFest t-shirt? It has been a WEEK Ruth!!!

  3:19 AM – 2 Jul 2014: @abzlove u truely amaze me!!! #AbzFest was overwhelming and insane! Everyone rocked!!!!!

I have to be honest me typing this will end up like an alien encounter. If you are wanting to hear about all the funky Abztastic activities that went on throughout the smooth, fun packed event itself, I suggest you wait for #DaGudLife to be aired as I’m not totally sure what happened…. Except there WAS most defiantly a (terrifying) Cow and a Sheep as advertised!! Mooooo. Baaaaaa.

I’m about to blabber and blubber.

My #AbzFest 2014:

SheLooksBetterThanMeAfter 3 weeks preparation, which was mainly arguments with myself of – will I, won’t I, then added pressure from Mr Love mentioning .. erm…. me o.O on the Wright Stuff. “She Looks Better Than Me!” and after a lot of blood, sweat, tears and vomit came the growing of ma beard and the shaving of my head… My AbzFest day began with me attempting to get out of bed. This was not going to happen in a hurry [especially as somehow I had made it to and from Ipswich show????? I don’t remember!!] but one thing I did know I was NOT missing this for anything, even if I had to crawl.. And that my friends, is how theATeam roll!

Help was at hand every step of the way, I am extremely thankful for the troops. I got on the coach and had a text from Honey, She had a bottle of coke with my name on, I knew today was about to shine. THANK YOU Honey, as usual!!!

Thank youuuuuuu Teacups. A cosplay buddy who traveled simply to help me. I owe you the most amounts of cuppas ever! She saved me. I was most defiantly a cospalyer in distress as well as my normal mind tricks and general body not workings. Then my room wasn’t ready at the hostel, so waiting in the corridor loosing valuable time was not helping! She defiantly saved me, a thousand percent I would not have done it without her. What would have taken me 2 hours and me giving up, took us 45minutes!!!  I WAS BALD!!  Luckily I spent the 3 hours drawing tattoos the night before. And as I was going to be armed with the ATeam uniform; Unicorn hat and my hoodie for the street team I could have a bit of a break and do the rest of the make up later.

*sings*  Street Teaming... not so fast! Coffeeee, trying to have no spoilers and a trip down Shazza memory lane first.. Right, NOW the troops were ready.  For some reason I was looking the other way when Abz was saying hi to people and as I turn around Abz was there trying to peak under my hood, though he denied it and then looked suspicious.. It was like he thought I was cosplaying tonight or something.. *hides tattoos*… *puhhhhh* Where did he get that idea from?? Round Neck or V neck?? No idea!.. *hides*

THEN – Street Team! Oh my, it was hilarious! There are no words. AbzFest flyers everywhere in a mile radius!!!!! There were a couple of ladies who deserve a super shiney gold star, they were amazing, LEGENDS! and totally WERE the street team. There was a brief lesson in the highway code from Abz as I walked in front of a car (I apparently do this on a regular basis). A girl from Ireland and myself got stuck on the bus – if that is on film, it was worth it!! People giving the Abzman a lot of love in the streets, it was amazing to see and great to be part of. Thanks for letting us help. You guys will have to watch the show to see more, it’s going to be worth the wait!!!

SHOES!!!! Inch perfect Cameramen and then the taxi man being ace as I was freaking out a little about time and something that had been said. PHEWWWW, I am totally thankful and grateful that I had  Honey and then Shazza there by my side the rest of the prep time. Shazza just sat there on the toilet, talking and watching the transformation, giving me a helping hand, rushing around trying to keep the reference photos open and then OMG the artist in her came out -Pleiades!!! SPOT ON!!!!!!!! I needed her!! After messing more with the beard and styling the twiddley bits, I was as ready as I was going to be…… Honey (who was mind blown) appeared at the door with our new buddy Trisha. Sent them on their way as I had another moment, and I couldnt look at myself, but I was finished well on time. Had a lay down for half hour agitated while Shazza got ready.

I regret not taking the sockball!!!

………………… NO BACKING OUT NOW! RAbz, you’re up!

We checked in at PopWorld, got our VIP passes and walked in to find the troops. That was it… I was a mess. Come on Ruth, get a grip, it’s cosplay, people are gonna look! But this…… this is not just any old costume… ‘all kinds of emotions’ AND *What if ABZ doesn’t like it this time?*

We found Honey, Michez and Trisha which put me at ease. And I ran straight onto the bouncy castle!!!!  I always wanted to attend a party with a bouncy castle!! Dreams come true!!!  Thank You Abz and Team!! CIRCLES!!!  I then met Dannielle and her bro Jordan for the first time – FINALLLLLYYYYY, They are fab and rock!!! Didn’t get to speak to them much – next time. 🙂  A couple of randoms took photos and some natterings. Like Expo, only more intense. We quickly found Gem-J and Nanna (who I was honoured to finally meet!!!! She’s a trooper and very kind lady) in the VIP bar where I did a moostarsh-fix. 2 minutes later, DJ Rodger (who was fantastic all night!) shouts  “Abz is in the House”. Everyone went downstairs and found a spot. I think this is where we first saw Mo and the gang.

There they were, walking down the stairs, everyone cheering – ABZ. Lauren. J! They mingled. WOW, all those smiles!! WOW Shazza! WOW WOW!! You can’t begin to imagine that atmosphere! I’ve missed that feeling. But this was different, this was electric!

An, so began an overwhelming evening that, for me is best summed up by this photo:

I wish I could have videoed reactions when people saw me  – there is no way I could ever describe them. Their faces are locked into my brain!

Vicky saw me first. Her reaction was totally insane! There’s nothing like it. I couldn’t look at her I was so shocked by her being shocked. She took me over to find Abz and the cameramen were right on it!  Abz went to have pressies from  Disney Drew (who won’t know that I mentioned her) first :)))) A Seriously coool balloon!!!
Wooooohoooooooo!!!! *hides* *emotions* Abz came up, grinning and stroked my beard, and I did his. Then compared tattoos and he called it “Best one yet.” and that I was “a younger, fresher version” I was speechless. Swindon (almost a year ago to the day) – only a million times more happy!!!!!!!!!! We nattered and had some poses and things for the cameras wooohoooooo.
J’s was the funniest reaction. He was talking to Shazza, spots me and shouts “oh my god!” A bit of a convo, followed by me saying “Er, Shazza, it’s J. This is mental” and him grinning saying “THIS *points to me* Is mental!!” Then throughout the night, we would be laughing because he found me when looking for Abz. In fact, we pretty much just laughed at each other every time we went past.  “Stop being Abz” Erm, this is just me… “there is two of you!”
I can’t Thank all the families, friends enough and general enough I’m really sorry I was totally overwhelmed by the whole night, I’m not sure if I spoke back.You were all lovely and nothing but kind. Generally everyone in that building was super nice and there for a goooooood time. Every time I looked around people were looking at me and said ‘sorry, just can’t believe it’   There was a LOT of photographer ninjas and me and the Abz were pap’ed yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ;))

Some of the best moments were in the ladies!!! This one girl, walks in, walks out, walks back in and shouts “WTF is Abz doing in the ladies!” Then realised it was me and stopped panicking. The amount of selfies with people in the loos was off the scale. I did meet Roxi in there which was super cool and I’m glad she made herself say hi 🙂 Nice to meet her and her Sam. A lot of running to the loos, and mooo-starsh fixing!!!

Abz’ set!!! Abz’ set!!! Abz’ set!!! Abz’ set!!! Abz’ set!!! Abz’ set!!!  What can I say, that dude just oozes cool and the tracks were mixed so a cool calming vibe. Totally Proud!
– Stop Sign, Little Miss Perfect, What Ya Got, Everybody Get Up, If Ya Gettin’ Down, Lets Dance, Lay All Your Lovin’, Keep On Movin’.

People were on the stage, Lauren was having a good dance, everyone in the crowd was cheering and dancing along. For me, singing with Shazza was a highlight of my night! She rocks!!

Other things happened in between, a dance off being one of them. I didn’t see much…

A bunch of us had another bounce on the castle, and then was time for the #ABZAWARDS!  Soooo, I took sanctuary in the bouncy castle for the millionth time that night. Watched and listened closely to the ‘Best Rapper’ contestants. Mo was a well deserved winner, Though I was cheering for Lucy a lot. Well Done Mo!!!  All of the ladies rocked for getting up there. Well done.

Uh ohhhhh! I was unable to hide… Abz announced “the next award is for ‘the Best Lookalikey.”Image11 He said it was for anyone that looks like him but No masks allowed! They gave out Abz masks to everyone earlier in the evening. Except I wasn’t allowed one – Booooooo.  Damn! EVERYONE would have won if masks were allowed xD  So, I’m sat, comfy when Abz announces the above. I sat, frozen, I could see Honey waving me over to her. Abz was saying something about something,  that I think I tried to ignore and then “Where’s Ruth?” and “Little Abz” –  I literally stopped breathing!! He said something and my name again so I jumped off the bouncy castle, put my shoes back on (stalling?) and had a very nice view of the checkered dance floor and people’s feet as I walked up to the stage! I didn’t know if anyone had gone up, or what was happening at all. *poof* there she was, THANK goodness Shazza was on the stage, NICE ONE!! Obviously there was no competition, her tattoos were WAY better! ST*R KID knucklesssss – especially as we drew them 3 times – DO NOT FIX SHARPIE USING HAIRSPRAY!!! Ok, Ok, even though I believe Shazza should have won just for getting up there.. She was given the boot. I know Abz was talking and something about the twirly bits in the beard, but that’s all I know… I hope i didn’t say anything, I don’t know what happened!!!  I don’t knowwwwww. I think I just looked at him thinking ‘what’s going on dudeeeee?’ ‘Abzzz whatya doin’???’ ……… All I do know is; I ended up with this in my hands and pretty much ran upstairs, where, I breathed!

Took me a good 20 minutes of zoning and talking to Honey before I realised what just happened. Totally overwhelmed and the awards thing was so far from my reasons for ‘cosplaying’ him, I just couldn’t function. Seriously, the most amazing thing that could have happened in the world of RAbz!! I am honoured!! Thank you Abz!! The trophy is now on my mumma’s fireplace – I caught her smiling at it yesterday, just sat there, smiling. Don’t see that enough.

After a chill and some natterings I managed to catch Lauren singing Happy Birthday and giving Abz a cake. It was adorable. They also held up Happy Birthday banner :))) ❤  That Lauren, she’s brilliant!! Though she did keep talking to me thinking I was Abz, we had that conversation a lot of times throughout the night. Bless Lauren xx

The DJ suddenly shouts ‘Little Abz’ and he’d put up MiniAbz on the LED wall – awwwww. Got a photo with it, once the cameras decided to work. Then had a manly handshake with DJ Rodger! Yeahhhh. Then pressssieeeee time. People were chilling upstairs, going up for natters, giving pressies etc… Moments of pure joy and some moments of crazy like: Vicky about to snog me for a split second thinking I was Abz – LOL!  Sorry V 😉  Lots of incredible moments around this time and everyone smiling. Then I had a sleep for 5 minutes and woke up to people asking if I was ok.

This brings me to the See You Soons to the troops, J laughing and manly handshake number 555, Vicky bowing to me and with Abz came a whole bunch of Thank Yous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



….and then came the hallucinating fever for almost a week – it’s like I’m still there!


So.. I went to Sheffield

A couple of days ago it was bought to our attention that a MrLove was going to be at the launch party for  PopWorld in Sheffield in a few days…

… Ended up me and Leanne. What a funny night.

It was PAKCED! and at 1:02am:  Abz rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 5iver Memory Countdown – Last time I saw

1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have mentioned a bit about how long ago I saw the lads. I also know I said I was making this a new era and what happened on tour stayed on tour.. But…… As it’s getting super close to Swindon. I know I’m getting overly nervous (until I spoke to EJ at midnight last night while I was totally freaking out saying I wasn’t going to go. I feel a bit calmer about it today) but overly excited. I’m nervous because I really don’t know how I will react medically and mentally and from drama lamas first time around. I’m excited because…. that’s obvious. xD  I will either be very hyper and all over the place OR stand dead still, speechless in complete ore. Mixture of both I reckon.

I keep thinking about the last times I saw the lads, and how much has happened in my life since and then how my life has totally gone full circle. Feel lucky. VERY lucky.


  • I last saw the lads on stage;  12th December 2000. Invincible Tour.

My parents drove me to N.E.C Birmingham and waited with me until Sazzles got there. Sadly, some idiots from school saw me waiting and for the next month decided to take the mick out of me for ‘going to a concert with my parents’. It wasn’t nice at the time but it did make me laugh. While I waited for my best friend in the world I went over and raided the merchendise stall. I wore my ‘Abs Alwayz unofficial fan club t-shirt’ and the dude on the stall gave me money off. No idea if he was ment to but he said he was an Abz fan…. That was quite funny. I got a scarf, t-shirt, badges, programme and poster. Good use of birthday money I think. Sazzles arrived and we headed in, avoided the guards and went straight to our seats. The girls behind us took a photo for us. They and the girls next to us kept asking me about my Abs fan club and complimenting me on my banner. I really felt the nice side of the fan base that day.
It was such a funky Five show. Brilliant. Especially Abz talking when the others were changing. I just remember (maybe because of my photos) he had a towel on his head for ages while he nattered away. I was chuffed they did ‘My Song’.
I believe the set list (if what I have written in my book is correct);
~ Shake
~ Everybody Get Up
~ Slam Dunk (da Funk)
~ Serious
~ If Ya Gettin’ Down
~ Keep on Moving
~ Got the Feelin’
~ Invincible
~ Until the Time is Through
~ Two Sides to Every Story
~ Don’t Wanna Let You Go
~ Battlestar
~ When the Lights Go Out
~ It’s the Things You Do
~ My Song
~ We Will Rock You

Hang on, it’s on the Five Live VHS….  Ok, that mentions them all except ITTYD. *shrugs*
They had motor bikes, dancers, millions of lights, and jackets that looked like bees. We rocked, we sang, we cheered, we danced and most importantly came away grinning. A few of my Five friends were there, somewhere, I never did find out where. They saw my banner and took photos from afar. You couldn’t tell that’s what it was a photo of it was so small on a ‘One-use camera’. Bless Amy though she was too sweet. She was part of our Five Fan Power team. Maybe I’ll do a blog about that soon. It was so nice sharing that day with Sazzle’s, very emotional and I’m super amazingly glad I get to go with her this time around. That one will be the most sentimental I think. Bring on November. *grins*

  • I last saw any of the lads; 18th August 2002.  A very random meeting of Abz.

Me and a friend had been following an up-and-coming act around the UK for the last 4 months. That day we were due to see them again, in London. My friend was very adiment that we went. I wasn’t too fused as I felt very ill (We now know I was almost dead) I thought nothing of her being excited and travelled down with her. I basically followed her feeling lost which was the way we rolled and guess I was used to it. We walked by a river behind some buildings that looked like backs of an industrial factory or something. I remember it being quite hot but pleasant and the river looked really nice with lots of grassy patches and trees running along. People sat quietly reading their books.  Anyways, we went around a corner to find some bar fences with a bunch of girls hanging about.
My friend says like she didn’t know “I wonder what’s going on here? Oh look there’s Rose.” (Someone we saw everywhere)
CDUKAbsSo we hung for a little bit. I found a good spot where no one else was stood and I was hidden slightly by some leaves… 15 minutes later….. I looked up.. and… WHAT the heck, ABZ(!) was coming straight towards me. I literally said “A.A.A.A.A.A.A ABZ??” I was very confused, overhelmed, excited and in shock all in that second. I froze.
He said “Hi” and smiled.
Then LOADS of girls ran over screaming like a horde of banshees out of no where. He signed a couple of autographs for them as they shoved pens and paper in his hands, he quickly walked away. I snapped out of shock as the girls started to crush me. Thank goodness they moved as soon as he did.  Still starring at him walking away I said to my friend “damn, you could have told me we were coming to see Abz!!” I must have said it louder than I thought, because he turned around, laughed and waved.

Stupidly, I should have guessed this was where we were heading as I’d mentioned that week about missing Abz on CD:UK because we would be at gig. DOH. I was a bit slow I think. It was a random moment and because of the annoying type of fan-girls that I never understood, it was brief but one of my most treasured moments EVER. This is the only photo I managed to take while being crushed. My friend took some but as I’m not friends with them now I didn’t think I should use them.  I am extremely glad I had that moment, especially as it would have been my last. I’m sorry for the word on the fence, I couldn’t have planned that,  could I?  haha.  ❤

7 sleeps to go – Excuse me while I freak!

2 5iver Memory Countdown – Just admit it ;)

Just a short one today. I’m busy busy busy and only a few minutes to type. Will blog about it all tomorrow. Luckily I had some of it saved in a draft. But I just found out something else to add to it. It’s a bit of silly fun.

  • In 2011 – My Man, my sister, our friend and myself were in a car on way to see Rammstein.  We were singing, nattering and generally rockin’ the journey. We were saying about CD collections. I said about my collection being random. Somehow this lead onto;
    Our friend said he saw a board in my house that had 5ive 4eva or something written on it in marker. I explained it was the 90s boyband and that their logo was a 5 instead of an F. And that what was written was still true.
    Yes, this meant the rest of the journey was a ‘take the pee out of Ruth session’.

The mentioned board is still around. It’s currently blocking a hole in the chicken fence outside until I get some more orange fencing. Fiverule5eva

TODAY I found out something very amusing. Bare in mind that memory. I found out that this friend put ‘Keep on Movin’  on youtube and literally sang, not just a couple of words randomly but sang the WHOLE entire song!!! EVERY word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone needs to apologise and admit they ARE a fanboy in denial!

Don’t worry PERSON, you aren’t the only one. ALL the family have been singing random sentences to the tune of the songs, making out like they don’t know the lyrics and trying to act like it’s annoying having the songs in their heads. It’s not like they even stopped knowing the songs, Who they trying to kid 😉 <3<3<3<3

Who is the sexiest from 5ive?

[5iver asked] Who is more sexy from 5ive?

This was asked in the main 5ive group on Facebook. Which by the way, rocks my socks.
Abz of course, currently has the most votes. 😉

You might assume I voted Abz… I didn’t. This question was a bit of fun, and you are always going to get fans talking about the acts this way. However, when I read this question I thought a bit deeper and what, in my mind the brand ‘5ive’ means.

Yes, they are good looking lads. You can all see and/or hear that. 😉  Just, First and foremost it’s the lads voices and really good music. When I first heard them each of their voices struck a whole other level in my ears. If I’m truly honest, I instantly feel in love with Abz voice, the rest followed. They were a bit different, edgy, I liked that, I NEEDED to hear more. From that day they embedded themselves in my heart.

‘5ive’ – It’s a lot more than the music. It’s the whole community. Yes it’s the love of the lads, their music, in some cases their looks… this second time around it’s their honesty, their overcoming of battles, the fans life battles, them taking a risk, the rockin’ at their shows, the spirit, the trying to get enough money to see their shows, dancing around in your bedroom thinking you were in the band, picking us all up when we are down, giving us hopes and dreams, 16 years worth of dedicated. It’s about the fans, 5ivers, everyone involved.. it’s about the whole package, the whole ‘5ive’ network….. the #5iverFamily 😀

To be honest, I just think  they shouldn’t feel any pressure to be a certain look or whatever… Respect I guess.

Maybe this trigger of deeper thinking wasn’t needed to answer a ‘bit-of-fun’ question. But, for whatever reasons, after thinking about it before answering, out of everyone I could picture in my mind to do with any part of ‘5ive’.. it lead me to type;  Vicky.

What does ‘5ive’ mean to you? Comment below 🙂


Scott was incredible tonight. I have no idea how he coped with doing an #AskScott. #5ivers were totally amazing. Asking so many different questions. Some were a bit funny, some I’m not sure what people were asking. I for one couldn’t keep up with it all.  Thank you all for entertaining me and supporting the lads.

From Queen5iver I just found out it was “about 500-600 tweets and it was an hour and a half long”  Flippin’ heck,  I’m so proud to be part of something so nutty but so lovely. We all mega appreciate that Scott took time to do this. Proud of him and all 5ivers.

What did I ask?
#AskScott “Fans that cosplay/dress/lookalikey/tribute act as you and the lads; Fun or Freaky? ;)”
#AskScott “any allergies? hayfever?”
#AskScott “are you having a #5iveGreatestHitsTour Bus??”

Did any of them get answered?
Yes because Scott really picked some good ones to answer, and spread the love out between a lot of different 5ivers. We were all very happy bunnys. Here’s my question and how he answered;


Thank you SO much to Mr Scott who really does ROCK! There was so much going on.

What else did I learn?
I learnt from Sean’s Angel’s question that Scott thinks the fans are “loyal and mental lol” – he got that right!! hehe

I think that’s enough, if you want to find out the answers to;
‘Will Scott’s spikes make a reappearance at the GreatestHitsTour?’
‘Who does Scott think would win a fight between a dragon and a Tyranosaurus Rex?’
‘Has Scott ever forgotten lyrics while on stage?’

and even more crazy, fun, interesting and thought provoking questions; either search Twitter for #AskScott and/or @ScottlaRock5  – don’t forget to follow him if you haven’t already 🙂

25 5iver Memory Countdown – Banners

25 weeks to go

The weekend did not go to plan, health and technology fail. So instead, I spent the weekend making my banner for the 5ive Greatest Hits Tour. You can see it here; pic.twitter.com/J8wyfSokaj

The front reads; “5ive, Thank you for something so beautiful”.  From the heart but realised the words might have been because of Abz. He’s heard saying ‘potentially something beautiful’, ‘a beautiful thing’ and ‘beautiful’ a lot of times through the Big Reunion show on ITV and interviews, when speaking about the bands reunion.

The back reads; “Hello, Thank you #5ivers. I’m on a high-5ive ing mission.” Wanted to say Hi and Thanks to the fans around me int he crowds as, you know if it wasn’t for us all they wouldn’t have bothered with a tour etc. My mission is to high-5ive as many people during the tour as I can. Good point – I need to re-work out the countdown as… yeah.. I will annouce something soon.  Until then here’s a video that starts my mission; youtu.be/NYXPVBLeg5I

Couple of memories

  • My first (actually, my first one I paint We Love 5ive onto fabric to hang in my room hehe) banner that I took to any gigs and well… everywhere I went 5ive related from ’97 – ’00. Abz being half Turkish half Irish, I thought it was great making it look like both the countries flags.  My favourite thing that happened with this banner was Richard Blackwood (comedian who was presenting  held up my banner while recording a TV Show and saying about fans being creative and how acts appreciate the support, time and effort. He then shook my hand. I thought it was really nice of him.
  • I then remade the banner bigger. Same design. I also had a better printed ‘Abs Alwayz unofficial fan club’ logo on the back. It was too big to carry around so I only used this for the Bigmingham concert on the ‘Invicible’  tour at the end of 2000, and one stading outside SM:TV for Abs 2001. He sign this one. Thank you.img_1015

I kept them both in a plastic tub in the loft until two years ago when I got them out and they had gone mouldy. Couldn’t do much but throw them away. I tried to clean the corner where Abs signed, but it just ripped.

Roll on November :)